The best valentine's gift for him

It is soon Valentine’s day and it is time to think of a Valentine’s gift for your significant other.

While a engraved ring or a heart-shaped pillow are good gift candidates, this year I want you to think differently.

I want you to think of what men desire the most and surprise them with it.

Men will appreciate these little attentions and will certainly like it, but if you want to make a man really happy for Valentine’s day, don’t offer him an object, offer him an experience.

A night he will remember for months to come.

Offer him a different type of sex, something he has never seen before.

Men crave sex more than anything else in the world, it is biological, it is how they are wired, but not just any type of sex.

Not all sex is created equal from men perspective. Men like sex that validate them, that validate their manhood, that makes them feel that they are good at it, that their performance has brought you satisfaction.

This is the best gift you can give to your valentine (boyfriend, partner, fiance, husband).

If you want to learn how, there is an incredible course Language of desire by Felicity Keith that will prepare you to be the perfect sexual partner all men dream about.

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