Sending a good night text message is one of the best ways to end your day and go to sleep full of thoughts of love.

Remind your partner that you go to bed thinking about him by sending him sweet romantic text messages and It will ensure that you are in his mind throughout the night as well.


  1. I could not go to sleep without telling you how great it is to have you in my life
  2. This message is to let you know that I’ll be dreaming about you all night, good night my love
  3. My bed sheets are missing you tonight, good night my one and only
  4. Talk to you when the sun rises, my love
  5. I’m counting down the days until we go to bed together
  6. Sending you Hugs and kisses, to my one and only
  7. All the Love in the world and hugs to my love bug
  8. Wishing a Good night, to the man who makes my days bright
  9. I don’t mind sleeping alone, as long as I meet you in my dreams. Good night my love.
  10. I couldn’t fall asleep unless I told you how much I miss you and love you. Good night darling
  11. Sending many kisses tonight to the one and only man in my life. Good night my love
  12. The best part of my evening is thinking of you before going to bed! Good night babe
  13. I was counting my blessings and I realize my greatest blessing is going to sleep every night realizing that I have you in my life. Good night my love!
  14. Good night to the best man I’ve ever had in my life! I am so lucky to be with you. Sweet dreams!
  15. If I were there, I would be kissing you good night
  16. I can’t get enough of the smell of your perfume all over me when I sleep in your shirt! Good night and have the sweetest dreams
  17. You are a dream I don’t want to wake up from. Good night my love
  18. I feel cold tonight and I wish you were here to warm me up with your kisses, Good night my love.


  1. Good night, sweetheart
  2. Good night, my love
  3. Good night handsome and sweet dream
  4. Good night babe, wish you were here with me
  5. Good night honey, just wanted to say that I love you
  6. Good night to the one and only man in my life
  7. . Good night my love! I wish I could be in your arms tonight
  8. Good night my love! I wish I could lay down with you in my bed
  9. Good night, babe!
  10. Good night, beautiful!
  11. Good night, darling!
  12. Good night, dear!
  13. Good night, gorgeous!
  14. Good night, handsome!
  15. Good night, honey!
  16. Good night, hottie!
  17. Good night, hot stuff!
  18. Good night, love!
  19. Good night, Mr right!
  20. Good night, lovely!
  21. Good night to the man of my dreams
  22. Good night to my king from your queen!
  23. Good night, prince charming
  24. Good night, sunshine!
  25. Good night, sleep tight
  26. Good night, sleep tight and know that I love you with all my heart
  27. Good night, sleep tight, my love
  28. Good night, I love you. That is all I know
  29. Good night, I miss you tonight
  30. Good night, wish I was laying down next to you
  31. Good night, I am so blessed to have you in in my life
  32. Good night, your love makes me feel more special every day


  33. Wishing you the sweetest dreams my love
  34. I look forward to seeing you in my dreams
  35. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would find someone like you
  36. You’re all I every wished for. Good night to the man who makes my life amazing
  37. You are the man of my dreams, I can’t believe that you are mine
  38. I hope you will think and dream about me tonight
  39. For all the things I have dreamed of, the best, by far, is having you
  40. Sleep tight and dream happy dream my love
  41. Sleep tight, sweet dreams to the man I love you
  42. Sweet dreams to the man of my dreams
  43. Sweet dreams, darling
  44. My dreams would only be sweeter if you were here
  45. Sweat dreams, I hope to see you in my dreams. Good night my love
  46. My dreams came true, ever since you came into my life
  47. I just can’t have a goodnight without saying good night to my love
  48. Hope you will have a goodnight, babe! I know I will because you are in my life
  49. Can’t wait to see you soon. I am counting the minutes until I can see your beautiful face
  50. Your hugs and kisses are all I need to have a goodnight. I wish I was with you
  51. Nothing is more beautiful than your smile as I go to bed
  52. Dream a little dream about me tonight

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