Do you find yourself sometimes looking at your Instagram feed, seeing all these women polished and put together, and wondering how you can too achieve a polished look?

In this post, I will list 9 tips that will help you look as polished as your favorite Instagram stars.

Before we get to that, let me just tell you a few things I learned over the years about looking classy and polished:

  • Looking polished is not about wearing expensive branded clothes ( at all).
  • Looking polished is all about getting the details right.
  • If you miss one aspect of your looking polished foundation, you will not look polished and classy even if you have the rest on point.

So I divided the 9 tips into two parts, the foundation and the complementary tips.

As the title suggests, the foundation is an absolute must-have and includes tips that you cannot skip.

And of course, complementary tips are also highly recommended, but if you skip them you can still achieve a polished look provided that the foundation has been taken care of.



#1. Glowing skin

Your skin is like the display window of a store.

The quality of your skin, as well as its aesthetics, will say a lot about your health, your wellbeing, your habits and so on.

So make sure to take care of your skin from the inside out, not only by having a proper skin routine (cleansing, toning, and nourishing) but also by having a diversified diet that will provide your body with all the nutrients needed to create healthy glowing skin.

Don’t forget to drink tons of water and if you have unhealthy habits such as smoking or heavy alcohol drinking, maybe it’s time to change that.


#2. Beautiful hair

The second point on my list is to have beautiful hair.

Hair has been the symbol of beauty, femininity, and identity throughout History, and we still hold that symbol till in the collective subconscious this day.

With such an important place, your hair deserves more attention than any of your other features and attributes.

Use only fine quality products free from chemicals to wash and condition your hair. You will see that the money you spend on higher quality shampoo, conditioners, and masks, will reflect on your haircut bill as you may not need to go as regularly as before.

Having said that, sometimes end splits can be hard to prevent even when you use the most luxurious shampoo, so getting regular refreshing haircuts to get rid of end splits will allow your hair to look neat and on point at all times.

Use heat protector oil or spray ( I prefer oil tbh) to protect your hair from heat damage.

And finally, get professional deep conditioning and treatment to give your hair a little boost especially when you live in a big city and you are exposed to polluted air on a daily basis.


#3. Excellent grooming

Grooming is also paramount when it comes to looking neat and polished.

You could be born with the most beautiful features but if you do not take care of your grooming, you will not look so polished.

  1. Do your eyes brows, it will make a huge difference and can literally transform your face.
  2. Get your Nails done, check out this Nail home kit
  3. Always wear perfume, choose a perfume that marries nicely with your natural body smell.
  4. Get rid of facial hair if you have dark or hormonal hair.
  5. Never go to sleep with your makeup on.
  6. Be aware of having odd hair here and there.
  7. Good mouth hygiene and maintenance, think about teeth whitening if you are a coffee or a tea drinker, you can get it done professionally and buy your home teeth whitening kits for maintenance.


#4. Avoid cheap looking fabrics

Not all fabric is created equal.

Some fabrics look expensive and help elevate your look while others will look like kitchen sheets.

Most of the time, an expensive fabric will always look polished and nice, but that does not mean that all cheaper fabrics are to be totally excluded.

There are fabrics that are on the lower end that still look nice and polished.

I have a very simple test to see if I can buy an item made of cheap fabric.

If the fabric looks and feels like a high-end fabric I know of, it means it’s a good quality fabric on the lower end of the scale.

To apply this tip, you need to learn about high-end fabric. Here is a complete guide on high-end fabric.

Also, you can go to high-end fabric stores or high-end stores and touch and see expensive clothes to get an idea of what an expensive fabric looks and feel like.


#5. Dress for your body shape and your skin tone

To me, clothes are the cherry on top of the cake.

They can give you a nice finish to all the hard work to be an attractive woman.

Flattering clothes will always enhance your overall appearance.

Equally, unflattering clothes will ruin your overall appearance and make you look worse than what you really are.

Here are a few tips to do that:

  1. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses, wear clothes that show your curves and hide imperfections. Don’t buy clothes that are shapeless or don’t have nice cuts just to follow some trend.
  2. Choose colors that suit your skin tone and play with contrasts to highlight nice parts of your body.
  3. Never wear clothes that are too small for you. You should always wear the appropriate size.
  4. If you were gifted with a glass shape, good for you. If not you can always give the appearance of glass shape, by wearing a belt or fitted clothes at your waist.
  5. Get rid of old-looking clothes.
  6. Wear more accessories.
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#.6 Top-quality makeup

Use good quality makeup ( I have some pictures that I am seriously ashamed of because of the poor quality of the makeup I was wearing so don’t make the same mistakes).

Now, I have a very different mindset and I see buying good quality makeup as an investment in myself, not just a simple expense, and I became crazy about bareMinerals.

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#7. Opt for monochromatic looks

You really can’t go wrong with a monochromatic look.

Combining different pieces of the same colors or very close colors that have different textures creates a clean and super classy outfit and can elevate your look instantly.

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#8. Always have a toothbrush and a small hairbrush on you

A nice to have for a quick refreshment especially when you are out all day.


#9. Avoid old clothing

This shouldn’t be an issue if you have good quality clothing and take very well care of them.

But for budget clothing that you own, passed a certain time you should just recycle them and replace them with new pieces.

Avoid washed-off wrinkled clothing if you want to look classy.

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