If you are disappointed by the type of guys you have dated so far and wondering where all the high value men are, you will find this list of places where you can meet a high value man helpful.

But before we get to that, I need to get clear on what is a high value man.

I know that definitions of what a high value man is may vary among women of different backgrounds and so on.

but I am going to go for a fairly shared definition of quality men.

Here is what a high value man is:

A high value man is a man who 1. has his life together and 2. Is marriage-minded (or at least long-term committed relationship-minded).


In other words, a high value man is someone who:

  1. Does not live in chaos ( Issues with his employer, his friends, his family, his creditors, still lives with his parents, not over his ex, has a lot of debt, addiction problems, gambling problems issues )
  2. Is financially secure:  He either has a job and building a career or building his own business
  3. Has a vision of where he wants to be in life ( He does not have to have it all when you meet him but he needs to have a vision and putting actions towards it)
  4. Is looking to commit to a woman whom he can partner with in order to achieve that vision (You)

Now that we all agree on what we mean by quality men, let’s dig into it:


1. Events

Events are broad but so are your possibilities.

Here is what I mean:

  • Conferences and Seminars

My top choice for meeting quality men are conferences and seminars.

That is because these specific types of events tend to attract high caliber men who are either top tier professionals in a specific industry or belonging to a specific profession ( doctors, lawyers, researchers, and so on) or simply people interested in a specific topic ( personal development, business, entrepreneurship, leadership).

So do not miss a chance to attend any conference or seminar related to your industry or your profession and consider attending more general public events such as personal development seminars.

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  • Cultural events:

If you are into Culture ( and even if you are not ), I highly recommend you to attend cultural events.

They usually attract a fair amount of high quality men who appreciate the finest things in life.

Some ideas include going to the Opera, Art exhibitions, and Theater.

  • Networking events
  • General events:

There are more general public events organized every day of the year about anything and everything. You can find a great deal of these events listed on eventbrite.com 

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2. Online dating for marriage minded people

Yes, you can meet quality men online if you know what you are doing.

Not every online platform attracts quality men who are marriage-minded or relationship-minded but there are a few that specifically targets this audience.

I have selected dating websites for women looking for a serious relationship.

My list includes Elitesingles.com,  Eharmony.com, and Millionairematch.com, for the full article, Click here.

If you are specifically interested in rich guys, check out my detailed post on the best websites to meet wealthy men.


3. Hobbies / Classes

The very fact that you can potentially meet a man who has a hobby and makes time for it is already a sign of a quality man.

Know that there are certain hobbies that will increase your chances of meeting quality men more than others.

You can play tennis, go to high-end gyms in business districts, join a sailing club. You can also join a class to learn to dance the tango, or cooking, or Pilates.

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4. Meetup.com

This website connects people who share a common interest.

There are meetups about anything and everything under the sun.

You first sign up for free and then search for groups within a certain distance from your location ( usually the city you live in) and request to join.

Once your request is approved, you will be notified of all the upcoming events for each of the groups you are part of.

I personally joined a girl’s group, a yoga group, and an entrepreneur and met a lot of people by attending their events.

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5. Matchmaking agencies

Sometimes we have to leave it to professionals in order to find love.

I know that a lot of people may regard these agencies as very old school but trust me quality men do not think that way.

A lot of men ( and women) find it very convenient to pay for matchmaking agency services because they simply do not have the time to search for love in more traditional ways.

and when you pay to find love, you are more than serious about your love life 😉


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