The ideal woman according to men

An adult content website ( which I am not going to link on this post but you can figure it out if you search SHY on google) surveyed over 50 000 of their users to ask them to describe their ideal woman, the answer is a 25 years old, 5’5 feet tall Eurasian brunette, with long hair, blue eye, bisexual and not a feminist, named Shy, something which made CARINA HSIEH “want to die”.

Let me introduce SHY



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Hi everyone!⠀ ⠀ I’m Shy, I’m 25, and I’m super glad to see you all!⠀ ⠀ Let’s see who’s here 😏

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Surprised by the results? Not me. The “ideal” woman is the embodiment of men’ sexual fantasies, from the submissiveness of the Asian girl to the hotness of the bisexual, all at once.

Now let’s take a closer look at how the website came up with the result.


The Asian girl fantasy

When asked about the race and ethnicity of the dream girl, more than 38 % of the participants preferred a white girl, followed by just under 25 % who said that race did not matter, followed by 10 % who preferred an Asian girl, thus logically resulting in an Eurasian Girl, or does it?

Well, as mixed races were not among the choices given to the participants, assuming that mixing the top 2 races would be reflect the majority’s preferences is not accurate.

Yes the Asian fetish is a real thing and many westerners still hold the image of the docile feminine submissive Asian woman in their unconscious but if there is anyone guilty of the Asian fetish, it is probably the creators of SHY. (40 % preferred white, were do you see Asian woman?)

PS: I am mixed race myself and I have absolutely no preference over any race or color or anything like that. I think woman of all races are beautiful.

the ideal woman according to men


Men don’t care about a woman’s race for sex

More interestingly, I noted that the second largest portion of the participants did not care at all about the woman’s race.

Not surprising to me as I think what determine a woman’s attractiveness have very little to do with her race, there are attractive women among all races and men would have sex with a woman of any race if should she be attractive.

But mind you, this strictly concerns carnal relationships; men would apply different filters when it comes to long term relationships or marriages.



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Like a Greek goddess 💃🏻

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The mixed-race fetishism

Again, nothing in the result suggest that participants fancy mixed race people (maybe it would have if participants were given that particular choice), but the creators of SHY chose to make her a mixed race Eurasian woman.

Nevertheless, many people have an issue with this.

Carina HSIEH says that “Nothing reeks of dipshit to me like any man who calls you “exotic.””  I don’t understand why exactly? I was called “exotic” and I always took it as a compliment.

Other comments from a certain Salonee Bhaman, a doctoral candidate in the history of women, gender, and sexuality studies departments at Yale suggests that this has “all the problematic elements of racial objectification/the fetishization of certain features combined with the stench of a creepy eugenic thinking about ‘mixed-blood’ or ‘mixed-race’ people.

In reality, participants were never given a mixed-race choice and the result is a subjective choice of SHY’s creators.

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SHY is bi-sexual

When asked about SHY sexual orientation, a distinctive 40% of participant chose bi-sexual.

Yes, most men secretly have the sexual fantasy of either watching two women having sex or participating in threesomes. Now you know.


SHY is a curvy girl

It is no secret that men don’t necessarily prefer the super model type. Men like shapes, curves and that is why when asked about the ideal woman physical attributes, more 30% of men chose the a curvy body type with long hair.

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Where many see in this an offence to minorities and mixed race people, I see a straight forward embodiment of what men consider sexually attractive and desirable.

Now, do we want to shame men for what they desire or do we want to understand it and take it on board?

Personally I prefer the latter.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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