30 questions you should ask before getting married

Getting married is probably one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life, but given that divorce rates has arisen to unprecedented levels, you would wonder if people really give it enough thoughts before tying the knots.

Having a happy dating or even engagement period does not always indicate a future happy marriage.

It is also not enough to just be in love and it is far more important to ensure you can stay in love for a long time for your marriage to work. ( to set your marriage for success).

For that, It is very important for a couple considering making the big jump to check in with their partners on a number of important areas of their lives.

Knowing where each other stands on these important topics will set the right expectations for your married life and might uncover some incompatibilities that could potentially put your marriage at risk of a breakdown if discovered too late.

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You would want to know sooner than later.

Here are 30+ questions every couple should ask before considering walking down the aisle.

Family and Children

  1. Would you like to have a family and children?

2. How would you raise your children? What set of values would you pass on to your children?

3. Would you put the family’s best interest above your own?


4. Are we making each other a better person?

5. Do we feel good in each other’s company?

6. Do we have fun together? Do we like our jokes? Do we like to do things together, watching movies, cooking?

7. Do we accept each other just the way we are?

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8. Do we have the same or similar set of core values?

9. Why are we in this relationship? Is it because we appreciate, love, and trust one another or is it just to fill a void in our lives, or because we are afraid of being alone, Are we in for financial reasons?

10. Do we have the same important goals in life? Are we heading the same direction?

11. Do we know enough about each other?

12. Are there things that irritate us about each other?

13. Can we live with each other’s bad habits?

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14. Are we attracted to each other? Do we love to be intimate with one another?

15. Do we know each other love language and are they compatible?

16. Do we have matching sex drives?

17. If the answer to the previous question is No, can we manage mismatching sex drives?

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18. How important is sex in our relationship?

19. Do we consider pornography cheating or not?

20. If sex was out of the equation, would we still like each other?

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21. Do we agree on how we want to spend our money?

22. Are we okay with each other’s spending habits?

23. Do we have common personal finance goals?


24. Is it important for us to share the same religious belief with our partner?

25. Can we live with our different religious beliefs?

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Practical life

26. Can we divide household chores in a way that satisfies both of us? Who cooks, who cleans, who takes out trash?

27. Do we want to go to the same holiday destinations?

28. Do we have similar lifestyle or are we ready to adjust to one another’s lifestyle?

29. Do we want one of us to be a stay at home to take care of children, if any, while the other becomes the breadwinner?

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30. Are we comfortable communicating with each other our disagreements?

31. Can we discuss them in an adult manner?

32. How do we handle flights?

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Relatives management

33. How do we handle family influence on our relationship?

34. Do we have a set of boundaries in place to protect the relationship from conflicts with our respective families?


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