Do's and Dont's of Dating from the rules

If you had little success dating guys so far, it might be because you have not been following The Rules, at least that’s what Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, the authors of the bestselling dating book The Rules could say.

Published initially in 1995 ( with an updated version adapted to the modern digital era The New Rules), the book is a collections of “controversial” rules that the authors advocate to capture Mr Right’s heart. I say controversial because they go against everything that feminism preaches like being able to approach men first, pay on dates, hook-up with men and so forth, but there has been just too many success stories that this book was credited for (proving these Rules work) that we just cannot ignore them.

And I don’t know about you, but after years of casual dating and serial heartbreaks, all that matters in dating to me is what works. And I am sure every girl who just wants to have a loving committed relationship with a man and is tired of hearing the same old “ your time will come” or “you are a strong independent woman who does not need a ma anyway” to would agree with me.

The authors claim that these rules are the difference between finding Mr Right and finding Mr Right Now (You know that guy who thought liked you but you who don’t hear from or who leaves you for another one even when you have been the nicest to, and you never get a ring).

It is even rumored that The Rules was one of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex favorite dating guide. I don’t know if it is true but it would not surprise me.

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My top 10 rules and my interpretation

1. Be a creature unlike any other one

Men need to be fascinated by you if you want them to love you

2. Be easy to live with

Men don’t like drama queens, women who make their lives difficult, bring on too many problems…etc

3. Be honest but be mysterious

Men love mysterious women, you cannot reveal everything about yourself on a first date and expect him to call you again

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4. Don’t meet him half way or go dutch on a date

You may not believe this one but a guy who pays for you will value you more

5. Don’t talk to a man first

Guys approach women they like, period. So if he does not approach you, no point in approaching him because he will not miraculously change his mind about you, men know from the first second they look at you if there is potential or not)

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6. Don’t talk too much

you need to start being comfortable with silence

7. Don’t open up too fast

8. Love those who love you

9. Use the rules even when you are married

(If you want to keep the romance going after getting married)

10. Don’t see him more than once or twice week

If you want to check out more rules and get the author perspective on each of them, get the book on amazon here.

From the same authors:











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