First date tips to have a great date

A first date can be really exciting when you are actively looking to meet new people to find love but we all know that they are also primed to be awkward and even terrifying to some people by their very nature. Going on a first date with someone new is never easy ( unless you don’t really care)…no wonder your mind is racing and your anxiety is to the roof.

But first dates don’t have to be that way…I know it because I experienced both worlds. For a very very long time, I used to be incredibly anxious and nervous and a lot of these first dates did not score me date 2…but this is how I learned ( the hard way) some valuable lessons that allowed me to turn around the tables and become incredibly composed and confident on a first date and turn my love life around.

So here are the 11 tips that will make your first dates go really well.


1.Let him plan the date

First of all, you should let him be the one who proposes the date. You don’t really know if a guy likes you when it is you approaching him and asking him out.

Second, you should let him plan the date because most guys like to have the driver seat when it comes to dating and they particularly want to plan the first date because that is their chance to make a good first impression.

It is also an opportunity for you to show that you are easy going and  that you would be happy with whatever he plans because what you are really interested in is his company.


2. Have something planned before the date

I would say this tip helped me a lot alleviate some of the nervousness that comes with a first date. If you have something planned just before the date, it will take away a lot of the focus from the date and will naturally reduce your anxiety and stop you from overthinking.


3. Surface level topics

A first date should never be too serious, that is why it is advise to surface level conversations. You should not turn your date into a heated debate just because you have some political or religious views that you think need to be discussed. It is also not the opportunity to tell your date all your family history, your medical records, your crazy business ideas or your problems at works.

A first date should be fun and light and should give both you and your date just a glance of what you are like but leave the bigger picture for a second date.


4. Never talk about past relationships

This is a big No No. Guys egos’ are always get hurt when an ex is mentioned…and they will think you are not over your ex yet.

5. Wear comfortable but sexy clothes

A lot of people will tell you to wear comfortable clothes because a first date is already nerve-racking enough…but it does not mean you can show up in jeans and runners…You still have to look sexy and feminine ( and attractive) because you don’t get to make a first impression twice. A comfy dress with a comfy fabric will do the job.


6. Wear sexy underwear

A clever and sneaky way to feel incredibly sexy without showing off too much is to wear sexy underwear. The fact that only you knows what you are wearing will make you feel attractive and will boost your confidence.


7. No more than one drink

You probably do not want to get drunk on a first date with a total stranger…so I would advise to stick to no more than one drink especially if you don’t really know if you can control yourself. A first date is not a girls night out.

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8. Let him lead the conversation

Let your date do the talking.

9. Don’t add him on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin after the date

You want to make it clear that if he wants to see you again, he will have to contact you the right way and not make it easy for him by adding him on social media and reinforcing your interest in his eyes.

And trust me any guy who really had a great time and is really interested will probably message you the next day the latest.


10. Don’t message him first after your date

For the same reasons, you have to wait until he messages you first because you want to make sure he has real and genuine interest in you…You don’t want to entertain a relationship with someone who is not too sure about you or who thinks you are just okay. if he enjoyed himself and really liked you, he will contact you.

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11. No sex on a first date

The fastest way to make him lose interest in you is to have sex on a first. Never get intimate on a first date period.

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