When there is nothing you can do to make him like you

Have you ever felt that you were trying too hard to make someone like you and they wouldn’t? No matter what you do, what you say, how nice you are to him, he just doesn’t seem to be romantically interested in you.

He may like your company, share some interests with you, he may even want to be intimate with you, but he does not seem to be as into you as you are into him.

Have you been confusing politeness with great chemistry? Have you been misreading his signals? Or worse, have you been taken advantage of?

If that is the case you might be tempted to pursue the guy until he eventually falls for you. You might think that just by insisting you will make him surrender to your love. You might think that by changing something about you, he will change him mind about you. …but you might be in for a very big disappointment too.

If you are reading this post you probably are dealing with someone who will never like you the way you want them to. My job in this blog post is to give you some clues as to why this could be the case and help you acknowledge and accept the only resolution to this situation is to cut your losses and move on.

1. When you are not his type

There is a biological drive to relationships, that is to select a healthy mate in order to produce upsprings and give them the highest chance of survival. That is the reason why we don’t get into relationships like we get into business opportunities, by logical reasoning and analysis. And it is this biological drive that cannot be talked through, which shapes to a large extend our preferences when it comes to physical attributes of potential mates.

My point is when it comes to liking someone; we have almost no control over our preferences. We just know we prefer certain types of body shapes, colours, and facial attributes, and the biggest and number one reason why a guy may never like you is to do with your looks.

There is absolutely nothing you can do if you are not a guy’s type unless you undergo plastic surgery and completely metamorphose yourself (which I do not recommend).

And there is absolutely nothing he can do himself to force himself into liking you. This is why not being his type is a dead end.

The good news is that beauty is subjective. We are not supposed to be at everyone’s taste. You could be incredible attractive to someone and be of no interest to someone else.

So there is no point in trying very hard to make certain guys like you and go for those who like you just how you are. Always go where you are celebrated and not where people are indifferent to your beauty.

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2. He cannot be with you for religious reasons

For a lot of people, religion is still a really big deal and they simply cannot see themselves with someone who does not share the same religious beliefs because it is part of their identity, of who they are.

For others, being with someone who has strong religious beliefs is a problem because they don’t feel as strongly about religion and they don’t want their life to be shaped or influenced by religion.

In both scenarios, there is absolutely nothing you can do to make a guy change his opinion about you, whether you are the religious person who he is.

and it is quite understandable, pass the initial attraction, if you too have two different or even conflicting beliefs, it will drift you apart eventually, which makes the relationship not worth pursuing in the first place.

Save yourself the hassle and just move on.

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3. When he tells you he does not like you

Women find it surprising when I tell them that most men are honest about their feelings with women. They will show you if they really like you by pursuing you, and they will tell you one way or another if they don’t.

They don’t tend to disguise their intentions, even the shyest ones.

When they bluntly tell you they don’t like you, just believe them. Men mean what they say and say what they mean in those circumstances. It is us women who second guess and over-think the meanings of words and actions when the truth is quite obvious.

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