I have been single for long periods of time, and I hated it most of the time.

I felt unworthy of love, lonely, sad because I could only see happiness in a relationship back then.

Now things have changed because my mindset changed

I learned to love myself unconditionally and magic happened, I met someone who loved me just the way I was

So for that reason, I wanted to write a post where I tell you some truths I wish somebody would have told me when I was single and feeling horrible.

1. Being single might be lonely, but being with the wrong person is lonelier.

I thought being single was the loneliness I could be then I was with the wrong person that I even married, and I have never been lonelier in my entire life.

Trust me you can only appreciate the joy of being single when you were in the wrong relationship and you felt something inside of you was dying every day.

Just remember that.

2. Being in the wrong relationship instead of being single can waste years of your precious time.

On the same note, realizing you are in the wrong relationship doesn’t happen instantaneously. It takes years to finally wake up and realize that you have been wasting your time forcing yourself to compromise on the wrong things,

that you have been investing your energy on the wrong life, that you learned to appreciate the wrong hobbies, that you forced yourself to be friends with the wrong people…

all of that just because you decided to be In a relationship that turned out to be wrong for you….

when this realization hits you, you understand that if you would have decided to remain single and wait for the right person to come along, you would have saved so much of your precious time.

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3. 50% of people who got their “perfect” relationship in their 20’s are going to get a divorce, statistically speaking.

And these are just facts, so please don’t compare yourself to your married friends, and wait to see few years down the line the nasty divorces they will have to go through.

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4. If you are over 30, you hit the “wall” and you can’t attract a decent man.

If you heard about the “wall”, aka that urban legend that all women hit an invisible wall at 30 where their beauty ( and subsequently their value) starts to decline, you may think that your chances of attracting a decent man are slimmer as a result.

I would like to remind you of a few celebrities who met their prince charming late into their 30’s, Meghan Markle, Amal Clooney to name a few.

Most men might not find you attractive because of their limiting beliefs, but you are not looking for most men.

You are looking for a unique man who will find you attractive just as you are and will see beyond your looks.

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5. Most men who reject you are mediocre themselves

From experience, most men who get stuck the physical beauty are mediocre, they are limited and stupid.

6. Being single allows you to focus on yourself and your goals and prepare yourself for far better men.

You can focus on yourself and your goals and prepare yourself to meet a better guy.

Focus on the Benefits of singlehood.

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