The hero instinct 12 words are a list of powerful “signals” that trigger a man’s hero instinct and result in a powerful love response from your man.

These phrases have been tested on many guys and have been proven to tap into his inner hard-wired drive to be someone’s hero. All the signals are designed to activate his hero instinct in different situations in life.

The hero instinct has been identified and explained for the first time by Relationship Coach and Best Selling Author James Bauer in His Relationship Course His Secret Obsession.

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The Glimpse Phase is a series of secret words you say to spark his imagination that forecast pleasure. It almost works like a spell and will yearn him more of you. Using this signal will pull your man to you by the powerful invisible force of desire.


The Fascination Signal is used to spark an inner attraction that will, in turn, make him emotionally attracted to you.

Also called the innocent signal, it works through text or a voice call as well.

Using this signal on a man will put him in a state of fascination for you and he will have intense thoughts about you.


Silent Action Signals works in showing your vulnerability by doing absolutely nothing and just being the real you with all your doubts, your fears, and your weaknesses.

Doing that will help your man see you in a completely different light and have a love at first sight feel.

You will know it has started to work when his attraction will make you smile.


The “I Owe You” Signal is part of a man’s selective hearing and using it every day will be of great benefit to you.

Hearing it from you will make him more inclined towards trusting you and be more interested in opening up with you than his male best friend.

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Damsel In distress Signal can be very helpful in taping into a man’s natural instincts if you are looking for his undivided love and attention at will.

If you have not been getting enough attention, this signal will do wonders for you.

You can put him in to protect and serve mode so that he would be after your attention and admiration.


The Private Island Signal will let your man see you as “The One” perfect. “Quality’ factor is a proven factor that men choose in selecting the women he wants to marry.

That’s the only reason why a woman can keep their man tied with them by triggering their love instinct.

If this thing is not used well, men won’t stay around for long.

This signal is considered as something that equals a love potion.

Behind The X-ray Question” is the idea that feeling understood is more important than good communication.

This signal focuses on asking specific questions with the aim of learning exactly what your man wants and desires and how he gets his needs met so that you become the source of his needs and build an incredible bond with your man.


The His Secret Obsession Ex Back Signal solves your recent breakup or separation problem.

All you have to use are 12 unique words and there is only one thing he can hear and using this signal will make it impossible for him to ignore, resist, or think his way out.

These words are so powerful that he would come floating behind and never leave you again.

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Behind The Secret Currency of Happy Relationships is the idea that lust is longing but not fulfillment.

If you can get your man to find fulfillment In the relationship, he will never leave.

This is particularly useful to solve the problem of men leaving women they love.

Knowing about this signal will never keep you numb when he distances or shows disinterest.

He will only believe that you are reading his mind and would thank you.

Making emotional relationship deposits will strengthen the bond and grow your relationship with him.

This is a powerful signal that will make him emotionally connected and sustain that connection over time.

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