Men look for very different things in a woman when they want to marry or for a long-term relationship compared to when they are casually dating.

For example, physical attraction may be the #1 factor men assess women upon when casually dating or in short-term encounters, but the physical attraction will need to be combined with other qualities for long-term relationships.

1. You are emotionally stable

You are not drama, you did some work on yourself and sorted out some past traumas, you overcame your daddy issues if any.

2. You are agreeable

3. You can cook

4. You are supportive

Life has become tougher than ever, understand when he needs to work hard and can’t spend time with you when he has to prioritize other things over the relationship for the greatest good of the family. You trust he can always make it and you appreciate him and his effort.

5. You understand the importance of intimacy and good sex for the sustainability of a relationship

6. You are loyal

A man will assess your loyalty before deciding if you are someone he wants to wife up or not

7. You let him lead

8. You can compromise

9. You are a team player

10. You are ambitious

You are an ambitious woman who wants more in life. You see beyond your current circumstances. You have dreams and you inspire men to be their best and do their best for you.

11. You have standards and boundaries

12. You are fun and pleasant to be around


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