Mysterious women are intriguing, naturally seductive, alluring, and highly attractive.


Because people are more attracted to what they cannot grasp, what they cannot fully comprehend, and what leaves doors open to imagination and wonder.

…But most importantly,

people are bored and not attracted to what has become common knowledge, not exclusive, no longer enigmatic.

Being a mysterious woman is not just about a set of tactics, but it is more about the energy that you carry with you.

That said, here is my mystery woman skills list that will help you appear mysterious and attractive but also develop the energy of mystery in you.

And don’t worry if you are already in a relationship and want to be mysterious to your husband or long term boyfriend,

as you can start developing these skills at any stage and be mysterious in a relationship.

1. Avoid talking too much

I remember my early 20’s dating experiences.

I was going on dates like an open book. I would share my entire life story from the get-go with total strangers and I would anxiously fill in the awkward silences because I could not help myself.

It was learned behavior from my childhood and I was not even aware of all that.

Fast forward to today, I can easily see why I did not get date 2, and even when I did, it was with someone I did not really like in the first place.

Not only was I talking too much, which must have been annoying to my dates but I did it because of my insecurities, which was probably obvious to my dates too.

You see, apart from the learned behavior and the discomfort with silence,

I was foremostly trying to make the guy like me by telling all these great things about me.

I was looking for validation that I must be such a great girl if I have all these great things going on for me.

I was saying these things so that I could impress them; because I did not believe that just being me was good enough.

So here is the thing, when a woman talks too much, there is one and one reason only, she lacks confidence in herself and she is consciously or unconsciously trying to hire it behind the talk and looking to prove herself to the man.

By simply being quiet, a woman exudes the energy of detachment because she does not care what the other person thinks of her,

she is not trying to prove anything and she rather expects the man to prove himself to her first.

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How do you do that?

Learn how to detach from the outcome and become comfortable with silence.

You can practice being comfortable with silence with your relatives and friends.

Next time you experience silence, notice it and stop yourself from saying anything and see what happens.

You would be amazed at what happens when you become comfortable with silence, most people aren’t and so they carry on talking.

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2. Give incomplete answers, don’t tell more than necessary, or even don’t say anything.

This was done on me, and it completely confused me.

The funny thing is, it only increased the attraction I had for this guy so I know it works.

I dated once a guy who was very good on paper but who probably was a narcissist or a sociopath.

He did something which I thought was very strange (when I was naïve) but I now see exactly what he was doing.

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When I would ask a question or say something, he would stare at me and smile,

then I would ask the question again and he would just keep looking and smile.

This and many other things he did, kept me hooked on him for months after we split and it messed with my mind.

You see he was playing and I was being played.

I am not telling you to mess up with people’s minds but you do not have to answer all the questions you are asked and you can do what this guy did moderately when dating.

First of all, it’s useful because there are questions you are genuinely not comfortable answering,

but also because men are going on dates nowadays to interview women.

So they might ask questions that seem “innocent” but they are gathering information so that they can put you in a box.


Men usually have 3 boxes,

  1. Casual dating
  2. Girlfriend
  3. Wifey

Examples of questions they could ask:

Do you have any kids?

Have you been in many long-term relationships?

Do you own your place?

Where did you grow up?

What school did you attend?

Your answer:

You can smile, and not answer, and when asked why you are not answering, you can say “ I am not sure I want to answer this question, I think it’s too early to give you these kinds of details”


You can answer with another question like “why do you want to know?”


Give examples without fully answering the question.

Question: What do you do for a living?

Your answer: I do a lot of things, do some admin work.

Follow up question: But what do you do exactly, translation (what industry are you in, how up are you in the hierarchy and how much are you paid),

Your answer: Oh you want to know in detail, let’s leave it for another day, I really don’t want to talk about work, I am here to relax.


You can totally change the subject and move to something else.

The bottom line, know that behind every question asked is the intention of gathering information and putting you in a box, don’t feed into what he expects and keep him guessing and wondering about you.

You will also stand out from the crowd because most women nowadays do the opposite of what I just described.

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