Not doing rotational dating is one of my biggest regrets in life.

Mostly because of the wasted time being in the wrong relationships and being with the wrong person that I could have avoided and the missed opportunities that I could have seized if I kept my option open and saw what was out there for me and not settle at the first opportunity.


So, What is rotational dating?

Very simply, rotational dating is dating multiple men at the same time, in parallel.

I am not saying sleeping with because that a bit too far off the mark, but seeing multiple, having dinners with them going to the movies, whatever you want to do.


Why it is important?

If you don’t do rotational dating, you focus all your energy on one guy at a time, you get attached too quickly, you are not able to get perspective and you can waste a lot of time and energy in the wrong man and that’s a big deal.

This is what happened to me when I was doing the traditional dating one guy at a time thing and I honestly regret it.

It’s only when I started to treat dating almost as a business that I started seeing results that were benefiting me.


So here are 5 reasons why you should do rotational dating.


1. You will be less emotionally attached

You know it, ladies.

We, women, get emotionally attached much quicker than men.

But if you date multiple men at the same time, your focus will be split over a number of men so you can’t focus on one of them only.

You also can’t help but compare them, assessing them.

And so there is less room for emotional attachment and there is more room for rational logical thinking.

And that’s important because we usually make bad decisions when we base them on our emotions only.

We also become less vulnerable to the other person who will have a harder time trying to take advantage of us because we are not blinded by our emotions.

We will expect attachment to be reciprocated because if not we have other options to explore.

So by seeing many men, we are more likely to avoid all these troubles by not getting too attached until we get to a point where we are given solid reasons to go exclusive.

2. You get to know yourself and the market much quicker

The first thing I want to say is that dating is a numbers game.

It truly is and it’s far from the Disney fairy-tale story that you believe in as a little girl where you meet one person and that’s it.

Even if you dated 10 men in your life, you still don’t know what your real taste is in men beyond just looks and what is good for you.

You don’t really know what you like and do not like until you try out a few different options and date different types of men.

You don’t really know what types of personalities are compatible with your type of personality until you had to deal with them and are in a position where you are able to contrast and compare.

It’s only then that you will be able to map out your wishes and desires to reality.

And trust me, it will take dating many men before you can figure this out for sure.

If you don’t do rotational dating, it will take you much longer to figure this out because you will waste more time being in the wrong dead-end relationships.

You also get to know your value on the marketplace and what kind of men you can attract much quicker.

Dating is very much like a job hunt, If you don’t send as many applications as you can, you won’t be able to know what kind of job you can potentially get and you are more inclined to settle for the first one that comes along where you get accepted.

And you will never know that you could have gotten a much better job if you just waited a little bit and did not settle.

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3. You become more attractive

Believe it or not but when you have many options, everything else being the same, your attractiveness and sex appeal increase.

And that’s because, when you feel you are desired by many men,  you naturally exhibit an “I don’t care” attitude without saying a word.

Men are very sensitive to this kind of vibe and if you go as far as telling them, they will be even more attracted to you because now they know there is competition, but also because you hurt their ego a little bit.

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4. You will effectively have more options

When you keep your options open, you will also inevitably get more options to pick a guy from.

The more guys you date, the more options you will get to choose from.

And it’s important because you want to have options before deciding to go exclusive with one man as you are likely to get attached once you enter an official relationship and it becomes harder than to get out if you find out you are not that compatible if something is wrong with him if he does not treat you the same way.

So use rotational dating to filter out guys who are not good for you before you get any sort of emotional attachment.

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5. Men do it as well

Rotational dating was not a thing years ago, but today it’s a whole different story.

If a man does not tell you he wants to be exclusive, you can 99.99% assume he is seeing other people.

Men tend to even have a repertoire of girls that they call out on different occasions.

Some for hookups, some for dating, some with whom they are “just friends” until she becomes available.

So if men don’t stop themselves from doing it, why would we want to offer exclusivity when it is not reciprocated?

It would be foolish especially when you understand the power in your hands and that you can increase your value in men’s eyes just like that.

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Few tips on how to date multiple men at the same time

Be open about it, it would not be fair to not disclose that you are seeing other people and it will even play in your favor because only a confident high value woman can exhibit such confidence in herself

Don’t take pictures of you and one of them or post stories on IG while you are dating multiple other men.



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