“Why no one wants to be with me”

“Why men only want s#$ from me”

“Why men don’t want a relationship with me”

If you find yourself attracting the same type of guys who don’t seem to want anything serious with you and just want to get laid, this post is for you.

There are many women out there who complain about the same thing.

They go on dates looking for someone to build a relationship with, they have s#$ only to find out the guy wanted only that.

He either makes booty calls or ghosts them after intimacy, or just want to keep it very casual and not put any label on it (situationship)

The truth is that there are other women out there who don’t seem to experience that.

And it’s not only because they are “beautiful”

There are also average-looking girls who don’t allow this to happen to them.

So why do men only want s#$ from you?

There are 5 common reasons why this happens and I am going to expose them in this post.

1. You date only young people

If you are young yourself ( under 30)  and you are dating same age guys. that could be a problem.

Men are known for not wanting to settle down so soon in life.

Early to mid ’30s is usually a benchmark where most men would start to think of settling down and having a serious relationship.

Before that, it’s hard for a guy to project himself in a long-term relationship.

in the fast consumption culture, we live in and with sex being sometimes one swipe away, men no longer bother looking for a serious girlfriend when they are under 30.

There are of course exceptions and when ( if ) you meet one, you will know it right away.

But if you don’t want to fool yourself, make the assumption that a 20 something man is probably only looking for s#$ until proven wrong.

2. You are too desperate for a relationship

If you are too desperate for a relationship, not only will you be blind to any red flags that may present to you but men also will sense that you are desperate and this will make you an easy target for them.

They know that if they tell you the right things and pretend they also want a relationship, you will believe them because you WANT to believe in it.

As someone who wants a relationship at any cost, you won’t be looking for reasons why he might be pretending but rather you will rationalize the idea that he wants a relationship with you.

Men know these trains of thought because they have seen it again and again in other desperate women before you.

so when they spot this weakness in you, those who only want intimacy and don’t care about your feelings won’t hesitate to take advantage of it.

These are the guys we commonly call f boys.

It then becomes a vicious circle because.

The more f boys you meet, the more desperate you become for a relationship, and the more f boys you will attract.

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3. You assume they want a relationship

When I first started dating, I also subconsciously assumed that men who were looking for someone also wanted a relationship.

and that caused me not to check if they really wanted a relationship or just wanted to hook up.

I did not attract only f boys doing that, but I was easy prey for them.

When you go out and date, don’t make any assumptions about the men you meet.

Let me prove to you that they genuinely want to meet someone for something serious.

By adopting this approach, you will naturally stop attracting f boys because most of the time they do not want to invest a lot of their time and energy and are mostly looking for low effort easy targets.

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4. You are attracted to the same type of guys

If the majority of guys you are attracted to or you attract are f boys, you may want to look at the type of guys you are attracted to.

What common features do they have?

What treats do they share? I am talking physical treats as well as personality and attitude.

If you find a common theme, that could be the reason why you always find yourself in f boys beds.

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5. You have sex too soon

Well, let me clarify what I mean.

It’s not that having sex too soon is 100% the issue.

There are examples of people who ended up in long-term relationships or even married after having sex on a first date.

But more often than not, having sex too soon simply reveals how the guy feels about you and his true intentions.

Intimacy is the ultimate test for a guy and is the make or break for most guys.

When he gets sex, if he does

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What can you do to stop attracting people who don’t want a relationship with you?

1. Get yourself out of the dating apps notoriously used for casual hookups

2. Stop dating for a while and focus on yourself

3. Learn how to spot the signs of F boys



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