It is never easy to admit that a guy is not serious about us, especially if we genuinely like him. but I had to learn the hard way that it is better to spot someone who is not serious about us sooner rather than later.

There could be many reasons why he is not serious about you. It could be that he is not ready for a relationship or it could be that he does not want one with you because you are not his type or he does not see you as worthy to be his girlfriend.

Whatever his reasons, the honest thing would be to tell you how he really feels about you, but don’t count on all guys to be that honest and learn how to spot the signs early enough and cut your losses.

1. He does not go deep

When you feel he wants to keep things on a surface level, briefly asking you superficial questions and not really curious about you or keen to get to know you on a deeper level.

2. He does not want to call you girlfriend

If you feel like you do everything that implies you are in a relationship but he still hasn’t called you or asked you to be his girlfriend after 2-3 months. A guy who really likes and is serious about you will usually make you his girlfriend quickly because he would be the one afraid that you might be seeing other people.

3. He gives you too many “maybes”

If he is always vague about most things that imply a relationship or a future. if you feel he avoids saying anything that would imply a commitment on his part. If he says things like “we’ll see, “I will let you know”, or “we will see how things go” and avoids any form of verbal commitment even for small things…he is probably not serious about you.

4. If he disappears when you need him.

A guy who does not want to invest in you will suddenly be unavailable if you need him for anything. That is because he never planned to invest in you more than what it takes to enjoy your company, which is probably surface level investments like calling texting you. He does not care about you enough to help you if you need anything or if you are in trouble.

5. He gives you too many booty calls

One booty call is already one too many if you ask me, but you could tell that you are a booty call when someone always texts you when they are bored or horny and ask to meet you after midnight in their place.

6. He doesn’t want you to meet his family

Most of us would think twice before introducing someone to our family and friends because it is a significant step in the course of a relationship and is usually considered a sign that things are getting serious. So anyone who is avoiding introducing you to their family is probably not serious about you.

7. He has no interest in meeting your family

Similarly, if someone has no interest whatsoever to meet your family or is avoiding it is not serious about you and wants to save himself the guilt and embarrassment of projecting anything serious to your family when he knows deep down that he is not serious about you.

8. He is inconsistent

His words don’t match his actions, he might be telling you all sorts of beautiful things, projecting himself into the future with you and building up expectations for you but if he does not follow up with concrete actions, he is probably just talking. Concrete actions would be like going on vacation with you, introducing you to his friends/family, taking you on real dates, trying to really impress you.

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9. He is not showing you on his Social media.

10. He Doesn’t take you on traditional dates

11. He does only night dates and they always end up back at his place

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12. He sexualizes all conversations

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