In a video on TikTok captioned ‘You can’t win them all!”, content creator Danielle, shared how she had asked for feedback from the guy she had been on two dates with and had then ghosted her.

Unexpectedly, the man told Danielle that he did not want to be tied down with so many options available.

The feedback was brutally straight up, but Danielle thinks that at least he was honest with her.

In her video addressing her followers, Danielle explained: “So I’m gonna show you a text from a conversation from a lad who I’ve seen previously, and then I think we need to discuss it.”

She explained that: “The text came about because I wanted a little bit of feedback from him. We went on two dates and it just kinda fizzled out. So from his point of view, I wanted to know why it fizzled out.”

Danielle explained: “It wasn’t me. There are other options. And that’s fine because there’s other options for me too.”

Danielle added ” I mean he was honest. I’ll give him that”

Was he really?

The 30-something content creator said that: “It’s made me feel better because I think there’s nothing else I could have done”.

I agree with that, I mean there was nothing else she could have done but where I disagree is with her interpretation of his feedback.

She seems to think that the reason why this man ghosted her is that he had too many options available.

While this can be in part true, but there is a missing piece to what he says.

The other piece of the explanation is that he did not like her enough to stop considering other options.

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He told her half of the story, I will give him that.

But the biggest takeaway from his feedback should not have been “it’s not me” as Danielle seems to think.

Rather, it should be that when a guy still considers other options, it’s usually because he did not like the girl that much.

and when a guy stops looking at his other options, it means he is into the girl.

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