Back in the days, when romanticism and chivalry were a thing, men did not play mind games ( or at least the majority).

But in today’s world, you would be a fool if you think that men don’t play mind games in dating.

One of the basic laws of human nature is that people are after their own best interest, first and foremost.

And by crushing all barriers of entry to women, modern society has made it easier for men to lean on their human nature of pursuing their own interest.

If you allow me to present it that way, women are no longer “protected” by a clan or a tribe to various predatory attacks,

so they only have themselves to learn how to see through the masks people are wearing and to discern signs of manipulation, mind games, and disseverment.

And this is, I believe that reason why we see more and more men playing mind games and more and more women complaining about it.


1. Love bombing

The very first mind game on my list is when a man love-bombs you.

I believe men are biologically hardwired to use love bombing to attract a woman and make her fall in love so that they can spread their seers.

Some of them do it automatically, unconsciously, but some others are very well aware of what they are doing.

They know very well that everything they say to you is over-exaggerated at best and is untrue for the most part.

They will pursue you, call you every day, text you multiple times a day, make so many compliments and use flattery left and right to get you to be under their spell and in a state of emotional fogginess.

If you are not used to that much attention, you will be so infatuated and so hooked that you will not be able to go against the flow.

This is when you are very likely to sleep with him and give him what he really wants because you truly want to believe in the illusion.

You don’t want to listen to the little voice that tells you that this is too good to be true.

The issue is that in most cases, the man loses interest immediately after sex and wants to move on.

The idea is to make you feel so special,

Charming the woman to get her hooked on him.

Take things slow and find out if he is interested only in sex.

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2. Make himself look more than what he is

Men also know that women are attracted to successful men.

Some men will deceive you into thinking they are much more successful than they really are.

They bet on the fact that if you think that they have more money and have more power than they really do, you will like them more and sleep with them more easily.

How do they do that?

They purposefully wear branded clothes, sometimes paired with expensive watches and accessories, and rent expensive cars either from friends or from a rental company.

They also take you to places where they know everyone and receive special treatment. It could be a restaurant or a club or anything of a prestigious nature.

They could have been employees in that place before but you would not know that.

Seeing the man receiving a VIP treatment will imply that he is with is powerful and has achieved some form of financial success.

But that could be just a temporary illusion that will lure you into their bedroom.

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3. Charms you and then disappears

This one is particularly used by men who want to stroke their ego by charming a woman and making HER pursue them.

They first identify their “victim” and they are the ones who are interested in that particular woman,

Then they find a way to approach her, sometimes they go even out of their way to make a first contact happen.

When they finally get in front of her, they use every trick and every skill they have to charm her, showering her with compliments and being extra gallant to her to name a few,

Then when they know their “victim” is definitely under their spell, they often make the exit as swift as it can be, and disappear like a mirage.

The woman is left with no choice but to do anything and everything in her power to find out about him and try to get in contact with him again.

It’s too late, she is already charmed.

Knowing that the woman cannot stop thinking about them and is totally taken by them is what strokes their ego, as it makes them feel desired and loved.

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4. Suddenly pulling back, after things were going great

Here is another tactic used by men to make you pursue and chase them and get emotionally attached to them.

They will suddenly pull withdraw for no reason, and go cold for about a week or two so that they can get you worried and confused as to where they stand in regards to the relationship, hoping that they trigger an emotional reaction from you out of fear of losing him.


5. Use of no contact

Very similar to the previous one, except in this case a man will literally go 100% silent for a period of time.

Again he is likely looking to confuse you and trigger fear and anxiety in you so that you start chasing him.

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6. Making you subtly feel bad about yourself

Some men will shamelessly make you feel bad about yourself just so that you start doubting yourself and your value and give it to him at a discount.

Such men spot your insecurities and will press at the right spots to get you to react to them.

For example, if they feel you are insecure about your weight, they might subtly comment on it.

Some other times, they might not even use one of your insecurities to make you feel bad about yourself. For example, if you are blond, they might say that they are very much attracted to brunettes while flirting with you so that in your mind you kind of feel you need to prove yourself to him because you are not his first choice.


And you, which mind game was played on you? Let me know in the comment section below.



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