I was inspired today to make this post on one of my favorite subreddits FDS ( which stands for Female dating strategies) .

On that post, a woman shared the content of a hilarious conversation she had with her Jealous father.

The said father, who I am assuming is separated or divorced from her mother, was not jealous of her, he was jealous of a woman he was dating.


Every sentence out of his mouth was dripping with envy


She explained that while she was having lunch with her (almost) estranged father out of familial obligation, he was venting about his frustration with his dating life the whole time.

He started talking about his courtship of a wonderful woman in her late 30s.

He allegedly said that she successfully built her beauty business over a decade ( which suggests to me that she is worked hard therefore she deserves what she has) and that she was equally successful in other areas of her life.

She described his jealousy and envy in the most telling way I could think of “Every sentence out of his mouth was dripping with envy”,

and she added that he resented her business success, probably because he has 3 failed businesses to his account which she went to precise that they were all rich quick schemes.

By the way, this detail about the rich quick schemes is not of insignificant importance, quite the opposite.

The deep psychology of a jealous man is someone who is was good enough to achieve what he desired and has never been able to face the pain of admitting it to himself so that he could surpass and overcome his limitations and be on his way to achieving great success.

Such a man resigns to look for and end up falling for rich quick schemes.

Now here is the twisted mind of a jealous ( and a bit delusional) man at work, he wants the best of a woman he can get yet he cannot handle her success.

He wants a beautiful, accomplished, business-savvy woman who has it together, yet he resents her for discarding him as she was able to see through his envy and jealousy.

Anybody who has been in business and was able to survive or even achieve success knows the basics of reading people and I would even say they have seen it all.

So I suppose my advice to the successful ladies out there, and the reason why I made this post, is to warn you that there will be jealous insecure men who are looking for women exactly like you but in a contradictory way, will resent you and be annoyed by your success.

See the full reddit post below:


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