With the advancement of technology and the internet comes new ways of dating.

Think about social media, dating apps, and fast consumption of relationships.

If you aren’t careful, you could end up feeling desperate after a series of endless dating cycles.

One moment, you meet a guy you like, and just like that, the relationship is over before it even began.

The more you have these unstable types of dating experiences, the more you get caught up and your need for men’s attention begins to show, which makes you look desperate. And yet, that’s not all.

The list of things that could go wrong is endless when you make yourself look desperate for men.

Even when you know you shouldn’t make yourself look desperate, sometimes you might lose it when you experience intense attraction to a guy and end up feeling like you can’t help yourself.

It can also be hard to know whether you’re crossing the line between letting him know you’re interested and ‘coming on too strong for him.

Well, you’re lucky because we are here to let you know how you make yourself look desperate so you can avoid those actions and attract the guy you want.

Take a look!

  1. Projecting a future life prematurely

Hold up! We know you’re into him, but it’s only been a month. In any case, you barely know each other.

Avoid making plans about the future such as how many children you want with him, your dream wedding venue, or how you want your future life with him to look.

He’s just not ready for that and the best thing to do would be to make a plan for the week.

Fine, you’re caught up in the emotions of a new romance and you’re excited to spend time with him.

You might just be hanging out and suddenly, he says he’d like to take you on a trip in the next three months.

Sure, it sounds fun, even exciting, but you should take a moment and take things slow until you both know a little more about each other.

  1. You’re always available

When you make yourself too available to a guy, all you do is lower your value.

Guys don’t want anything that comes to them too easily, they want to sweat and work for it.

Do you think they’d work so hard for their football team to win the league if they were going to recognition in any way just for participation? Of course not!

They work hard to get the winners’ cup!

Men need some kind of inspiration.

And, their motivation comes from how valuable they think the prize is.

A woman that’s out there living her best life and growing every day is worth it. Even if you don’t feel like this yet, live like you are and the results will show soon.

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  1. Pretending to be someone you’re not

Ladies, nothing turns off men faster than a woman trying to be someone or something she isn’t.

Most times, guys see through your bullshit when you aren’t being your authentic self and they will run away from you as fast as possible.

If you don’t wear make-up, don’t pack on loads of it to impress him.

Your discomfort in who you’re trying to be will soon show.

Always show up as your authentic self and if he doesn’t like it, it’s his loss because you’re already awesome!

  1. Being a ‘yes’ woman

When you’re a ‘yes woman’, you tolerate pretty much everything he says or does.

It’s like a switch went off in your brain and you can’t speak for yourself.

Don’t let the man you have a crush on think for you just because you want him.

Stand up for yourself and say no when you feel something isn’t right.

Tell him what your boundaries are and hold him accountable when he crosses them.

Don’t be afraid that he will leave you for saying no when you need to because you are valuable and you know you deserve better.

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  1. You flirt with literally everyone

It’s ok to be friendly, but even that has some boundaries.

Flirting with the guys around him will NOT make him more attracted to you.

If anything, he will think you aren’t loyal or interested in him so don’t do it.

Even if it’s the 21st century and women should be allowed to do what they want, you cannot be double-minded when you’re trying to make him yours.

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  1. Begging him to stay if he doesn’t want to

If he wants a break from the relationship, no amount of begging will make him stay.

If you really want a chance with him, give him some space to work out his feelings and think about what he wants.

Show him that you have other things going for you, too.

When a guy feels like he’s the center of your world, it shows that you are obsessed or not interesting.

Give him the space he needs and take a time out for yourself.

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  1. Pushing for a relationship

Ladies, this is something that you most likely do not know.

Men value their single life and will not give it up too easily.

And the harder you push for a relationship with him, the less he will want any connection to you.

Confident, independent women that know what they want will take their time to get to know someone rather than push for a relationship.

They don’t want to look desperate.

When you’re the only one wanting a relationship to happen, it looks like there’s something missing in your life that you want fixed as soon as possible.

No one wants to feel like they’re locked down or trapped when they’ve just started dating.


Now you know how you’ve been making yourself look desperate.

And, hopefully, you can turn things around to work in your favor before your next relationship.

It won’t be easy especially if you’ve fallen head over heels for someone already.

However, you can do it. Just remember that the best things in life, are those you work hardest for.

And, When you are ready,

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