At the start of the dating process, interest levels are usually high on both sides.

Everything about one another is new and waiting to be discovered uncovered, but how do you make sure you keep your guy interested in the long run when men are reputed to have a very low-interest span?

This question comes back very often because a lot of ladies complain that guys seem to always lose interest and stop chasing at some point in the dating process with no apparent reason.

They always show a lot of interest at the beginning, texting a lot, initiating conversations, planning dates,

then after a couple of dates, they stop chasing, they don’t call as often, they take ages to reply to text messages and they cancel dates last minute.

If this happened to you before, know that you are not alone.

If it is even a pattern in your life, know that you are not alone.

But does it have to stay that way? Hell No…because I am going to explain to you how to keep a man interested in you and chasing you with these 9 pieces of advice.

My whole dating life turned around when I started applying these 9 pieces of advice and I hope yours does the same.

1. Never stop being single in your mind

The moment you think of yourself as already in an exclusive relationship even though you are still dating, you lose.

This is because if you think that way you will naturally behave in a way that will give him all the wrong ideas:

that he has already conquered you without having to work too hard for you, that he is your only option and that there is no one left for him to compete with.

And guess what happens? Most guys who enjoy the thrill of chasing will lose interest at this point.

If he hasn’t asked you to be exclusive, you should assume that you are still single and act as a single lady who keeps all her options open because she has yet to see a reason not to.

That way he will value every minute spent with you because he will know that you made the choice of being with him when you could have been with someone else.

He will be on his best behavior and will keep trying to prove himself to you because you haven’t validated him yet.

I am not saying to play hard to get here…that would be quite a dangerous game to play.

I am just saying not to act as if he does not have to work for you anymore and that he has already gotten you.

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2. Have an interesting life

You need to have an interesting life if you want a man to be happy to be part of it.

You wouldn’t be excited about being part of a boring guy’s life, would you?

Men are like us women, they are attracted by interesting and accomplished people and repelled by boring people.

When you are in love with your own life, you don’t look outside of it for fulfillment and validation, instead,

you look for someone to share your happiness and fulfillment with, and that is what guys find most interesting and attractive.

And I am not saying you should pursue a Ph.D. or set a goal to conquer the world in order to keep a guy interested.

But you should definitely strive to develop your own interests,

have hobbies of your own, cultivate knowledge,

explore your passions, and just avoiding being that girl whose life revolves around her boyfriend and does not have any interest outside of her relationship.

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3. Know your worth

Knowing your worth is such an important part of keeping a man interested in you.

You need to believe you are worthy of a relationship before someone else can see your worth and want to pursue you and conquer you.

Knowing your worth and having high self-esteem will allow you to approach the relationship with confidence that so many men find attractive and will make you stand out among the many insecure, needy women out there.

It will also allow you to set standards and not be afraid to voice them because you are not afraid of losing someone when he doesn’t meet your standard.

4. Look your best at all times

This one is a no-brainer.

Men are very visual creatures and they naturally like pretty women. So if you want a man to stay interested in you, you have to be pleasant to the eyes. I can assure you that if you look your best every single time you meet him.

He will be counting the days before he will get to meet you again and will be fantasizing about you while doing so.

People forget nowadays the evolutionary forces behind the romantic dynamics are still very wired in human brains.

The so-called monkey brain is still looking to produce the best possible upspring in order to give them the best chance to survive. And you know what?

Female beauty is an indicator of health and fertility…you get the picture.

I wrote a whole post on how to be physically attractive to men which explains the different components of beauty and how you can maintain your physical attractiveness.

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5. Don’t chase him

Probably the fastest way to get him not to chase you and lose interest in you is to start chasing him.

Men like the hunt, they derive a certain pleasure from chasing a woman.

So when you are chasing a man, you are pretty much surrendering yourself to him and you are not giving him the space to chase you.

Not to mention you will look absolutely desperate and low value if you chase him.


6. Don’t be too easy

This is not another “play hard to get” advice to keep him interested, but rather a “have a life” type of advice that you naturally come across as a little bit hard to get.

Why is it so important? Because anything that is too easy to get loses value in people’s eyes

It’s human nature…so you need to make it a little difficult but you don’t need to play games for that.

Just being busy with your own life will make you come across as the type of girl he needs to work for, the prize.

You will naturally not be too available and won’t be able to reply to text messages quickly at all times.

You will not spend hours on the phone with him and you won’t be able to say yes to all his date proposals.

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7. Be mysterious

To put it very simply, if someone has no interest in you and you refrain from giving him information about you, nothing will happen,

because he was never interested in the first place,

but if you guys have been dating, you know at this point that he is interested in you.

So if you refrain from telling him too much about you, you will intrigue him and keep him interested for as long as you do so.

He will be excited just at the thought of meeting you and will always look forward to seeing you again

Learn how to release information about yourself gradually during the dating process,

so that you do not become boring and predictable.

Ultimately everyone is predictable after you have known them for 20 years, but not everyone will give this impression when you meet them,

And that’s the difference between an ordinary girl and a mysterious one.

8. Avoid being a drama queen

Men hate drama. Period.

You could be the most beautiful girl in the world if you give him too many headaches and start complaining and arguing for the smallest of things,

he will lose interest in you.

So many times people ruin promising relationships just by being too dramatic and not having enough self-control.

9. Be the sunshine in his life

Last but not least, if you want a man to remain interested, have to become the best part of his day.

You have to be a real pleasure to be around, easy-going, flirty and charming, and joyful.

He has to enjoy being with you to the point of becoming addicted to your presence so that he can only look forward to seeing you again.

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