When I first heard of the language of desire, I was seriously intrigued.

A female author was claiming to have found the key to a man’s devotion, love and lasting commitment with 33 erotic tricks and techniques and had a serious following behind her.

I was curious and wanted to know more.

As one of those “good girls”, I was raised to believe that sex and love are two very separated things, but my experience with love showed me a very different reality.

After a few failed relationships that were seemingly perfect on paper, I decided to undertake the journey and try felicity program myself.

I had the intuition that my lack of understanding of male sexual psychology played a role in my failed relationships, and Felicity program unfortunately confirmed my suspicions.

Felicity herself claimed to have come up with the program after her own relationship struggles led her to embark on a mission to understand male psychology and what makes them tick sexually.

Anyone in a long term successful relationship will tell you that sexuality and intimacy are a building block to the success of their relationship.

So Felicity came up with a comprehensive 10 modules self-help program like no other out there that is meant to literally give you power over any man’s hidden desires and fantasies.

What Is The Language of Desire?

Language Of Desire is a sex and relationship program that is designed to give women powerful tools to make their man strongly obsessed with them in a sexual way resulting in a strong and sustainable bond in their relationship.

Felicity teaches women the art of seduction via flirty words and non-verbal cues, and empowers them to embrace their sexual power and sexually seize control of their relationship by capturing a man’s mind and imagination.

Any woman who wants to repair her current relationship, or find a passionate & fulfilling new relationship will find the program extremely helpful.

you will learn things like the Pavlovs Erection, the Sexual Singularity or the Lust Mirror and the among other things

Who is the book intended to?

This program is intended to any woman who:

  • Wants a man to become sexually obsess over her
  • Wants to learn more about male psychology and sexual desires
  • Wants to learn how to please a man in bed
  • Wants to achieve a more intimate relationship with her partner
  • Wants to fix intimacy issues with her current partner: infrequent sex, boring sex, Partner withdrew sexually, Partner cheated with another woman.
  • Wants her partner to reduce his porn-addiction

==> Language of Desire

What’s Inside The Language of Desire Program?

A) Main Audio File & eBook

The book comes in audio as well as ebook version and contains 10 modules:

Module 1: The Introduction, Who is Felicity Keith and why she wrote Language of Desire

Module 2: Become A Sexual Superwoman!

  • Being Dirty with Dignity
  • The Madonna Moan
  • Fear of the Slut Label
  • Worksheets

Module 3: Loving Man’s Best Friend

  • Understanding His Sex Drive
  • Love the Penis
  • Rethinking Pornography
  • The Porn Destroyer
  • Worksheets

Module 4: Brain Chemistry and Sex

  • Desire, Sex, and Our Primitive Brains
  • The Cuddle Hormone
  • Pavlovs Erection
  • Sexual Singularity
  • Worksheet

Module 5: Erotic Action Movie Technique

  • The Erotic Action Movie
  • Writing Your Movie
  • Delivery
  • Worksheet

Module 6: Desire Intensifiers

  • Crank up the heat
  • Tease Intensifier
  • Oral Intensifier
  • Verbal Viagra Method
  • The Boiled Frog
  • Worksheet

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Module 7: Upgrade Your Relationship Status

  • Dirty Talk for the Single and Dating
  • Monogamous Male Maximizer
  • Friend to Fantasy
  • Worksheet

Module 8: Getting Your Fantasies Met

  • Planting Desire Seeds
  • Lust Mirror
  • Using Erotic Telepathy
  • The Romance Rotator
  • 50 Shades of Experimenting
  • Worksheet

Module 9: When Sex Isn’t Possible

  • When Sex Isn’t Possible
  • Dirty from a Distance
  • No Touch Lay
  • The Invisible Chastity Belt
  • Worksheet

Module 10: Dirty Talk Mastery

  • What To Do If He’s a Cold Fish
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Fine-Tuning Your Technique
  • Planning Dirty Deeds
  • Worksheet

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B) 3 Free Bonuses

the programs comes with 3 bonuses

  • Silent Seduction: how to create seduction with your body language
  • Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty : Felicity private collection of done-for-you dirty texts
  • Unstoppable Confidence: 90 min conversation and training between Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold teaching how to have develop unshakable confidence with men.

==> Language of Desire

How Much Does The Language Of Desire Program Cost?

Language Of Desire is fairly priced for the value it provides.

It is cheaper than a single coaching session amount to $197. If you are ready to order Language Of Desire, it will be available for $47 only. You will be able to save $150 with this pack and enjoy the audio track, 60 days money-back guarantee, and results.

The great thing about the program is that it comes with a complete 60 day money back guarantee. You should really give not hesitate to give it a try and see if it makes sense to you and work for you. If not, you can just ask for your money back so you really should not be worried to give it a try.

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