8 texting habits of a high value woman

Texting has undeniably become the main way of communication in dating. And like any other way to get to know each other, it does not come without its challenges.

Your texting habits tell a lot about you and they can mean the difference between making up and screwing up a potential relationship.

A high value woman skillfully uses these simple streams of letters to her advantage and subtly conveys a lot of what a face to face conversation can achieve through words, tone of voice and the body language.

If you want to become and be perceived as a high value woman, you need to develop certain texting rules and habits that you (very) rarely derogate from.

1. No constant texting

2. She does not initiate all texts

3. She waits till she gets a response before texting again

4. She uses texting as a revealing tool

5. She builds attraction through texting

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6. She does not engage in sexting

7. She does not entertain texting with a low value man

8. Does not engage in late texting

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