Texting has undeniably become the main communication means in today’s dating scene.

I don’t know anyone who does not have at least half of their romantic conversations via texts.

And like any other way, it does not come without its challenges.

Your texting habits will reveal a lot about you and they can mean the difference between making up and screwing up a potential relationship.

A high value woman skillfully uses these simple streams of letters to her advantage to subtly conveys a lot of what a face-to-face conversation can achieve.

It’s not an easy task given that a face-to-face allows you to use words, tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language.

How can you replace all of that with texts alone, the high value woman way?

If you want to become and be perceived as a high value woman, you need to have texting rules in place and habits that you (very) rarely derogate from.


Rule 1. She does not initiate all texts

Feminists would say there is nothing wrong with women taking all initiatives.

I strongly disagree.

There is nothing wrong in women taking some initiatives but let’s be real, love affairs are not about what it right and what is wrong.

It’s about WHAT WORKS.

Initiating some texts already reveals a certain level of interest in a man, but initiating all text messages scream desperation…which is not exactly high value.

Not to mention that if a woman has to start all conversations, what does it say about this man’s level of interest?

…quite low if you ask me.

So take it as it is, a high value woman may initiate one or two text messages ( and not the first ones) but she never initiates all conversations.

BTW, if a man does not initiate text number 2, take it from me that he is not interested in you.

Men are quite good at identifying what they are looking for and they know if you are that from the first interaction.

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Rule 2. No constant texting

A lot of women can easily spend hours and hours texting a guy, but that is NOT a high value behavior.

For starters, a high value woman has better things to do than texting a man and having long conversations through texts.

Then a high value woman knows that less is more when it comes to texting or even other aspects of early dating.

She protects her privacy and does not open up to random people that quickly or easily.

She also knows that she needs to keep a bit of a mystery about her to keep a man interested.

And finally, she has a life and uses texts moderately to send shorts notes or thoughts or when she has something important to say,

but she would not try to know someone through texting.

How many times did I see women spending days or even months conversing with men through texts and building up so many expectations only to be very disappointed when they finally meet with these men.

You do not want to be one of them.

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Rule 3. She waits till she gets a response before texting again

A high value woman is always looking for signals of a man’s level of interest first.


Because she values herself and does not like to waste her time.

She’d rather know where he is at before she slips a cue of her own level of interest.

Every text message is an opportunity to assess a man’s level of interest.

A Man level of interest can be revealed as early as after the first interaction.


How long did he wait to text the second time? Did he initiate the second conversation? Did he respond quickly to the text you sent him?

Hence, a high value woman would only text a man after determining that he has enough interest in her to be worth her time, and texting her and engaging with her is are determining factors for that matter.

She would not keep texting some man who:

  • Does not seem eager to text her
  • Has ignored her previous texts or took forever to respond with some nonsensical excuse
  • Has come back from the deaths after ghosting her. She has no time for these men.
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Rule 4. She uses texting as a revealing tool

A High value woman does not get to know someone through texting, because she is well aware that anyone can manage to appear nice and charming behind a screen. She knows that texting is low effort and so she values actions more than cheap words.

However, while texting is available to her, she will use it rather to look for red flags, to discern true intentions and see through BS.

As I said before, a high value woman is always looking to assess a man’s level of interest. Is he looking for a hookup or someone to date for real? is he truly interested in her or is he keeping her on the side?

Texting can go a long way in revealing a man’s true intentions

Here are a few things a high value woman lookout for:

  • Initiating the second text message
  • how long did it take him to send that second text message
  • the timing and the frequency of the text messages
  • is he willing to take it to the next level and take her on a real date


Rule 5. She does not engage in sexting

Sexting is simply a NO NO for a high value woman.

Rule 6. Does not engage in late texting

Nothing good comes from late texting, so a high value woman does not engage in late texting.

She knows that late texting is a synonym to booty calls and that the conversation is likely to drift to more of a sexual connotation.

Good night texts are the latest texts she would send or respond to.

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Rule 7. She builds Attraction through texting

If a woman does all of the above, she will inevitably build attraction.

That is because she is communicating her high standards through her texting habits and that is So Attractive to men.

A high value woman also keeps a mystery around her persona when she conveys through texting ( or absence of texting) that she is NOT available at all times,

that she has a life and probably family and friends around her, and that she is not too eager to share all her life details with what she still considers as a stranger because she values her privacy.

Rule 8. She does not entertain texting with a low value man

If she perceives any low value signals, she cuts him off immediately. no time to waste with low value men.

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