signs you are in a rebound relationship

Nothing numbs the pain of a breakup like a rebound relationship. Having a new person in your life shortly after a breakup makes it undeniably easier to live with. The issue (for the rebound) is that, in most cases, the relationship serves solely the purpose of getting over the ex and was never meant to grow into anything bigger.

So what happens when the two of you are not on the same page about the relationship? What happens when you have much bigger expectations than what the relationship could ever be? What happens when you find out you are someone’s rebound?

Rebound relationships are more common than we actually think but they very rarely end well for both parties involved.

So better know the signs that you are in one before you get too attached and get hurt badly.

Here are my top 8 clues someone is rebounding you.

1. The relationship is moving very fast for no reason

2. He is love bombing you ( he has something to hide, to cover up)

3. He is too eager to show you off

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4. He insists he is over the ex

5. He compares you to the ex

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6. You don’t have much in common

7. It’s all physical

8. He does not go deep

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