There is this sexy guy at work that keeps staring at me every time he passes by my desk, does he like me or Is it my imagination”?

How often have I been asked by a colleague of mine this very question (and how often did I ask the question too)…quite a few times to be honest.

Don’t worry, you are not alone…

It is not a rare occurrence that you meet a guy at work that you like.

Quite the opposite.

Many couples were formed in the workplace (at least where I worked), and a lot of secret flings take place as well. (all depends on what you want).

The question now is to know if a coworker likes you too? How to figure out whether he feels the same towards you or not?

To help you read the situation and discerning real interest from politeness ( or just being nice), I am going to reveal here the x signs that this guy is NOT interested in YOU.

Even if it seems like he is.

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1. He hasn’t DM you yet

It has been months now since you first noticed that he was looking at you but he still has not tried to make a contact.

In most cases, a guy who likes you at work will find an excuse to get to talk to you through instant messages ( if you have them at work) or create a “chance” meeting.

There are 100 million excuses to instant message someone at work.

He could pretend he needs information or that he mistakenly clicked on your name when he was searching for someone else.

So if he hasn’t approached you yet after a few months, take it that he is not interested.

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2. No real heavy eye contact

A guy who likes you at work will make it extra obvious that he does.

And Eye contact is almost an instinctive thing that someone would do that will show they are interested.

He can’t help himself.

I had people interested in me at work and they used to make heavy eye contact.

So if he isn’t staring at you, he is probably not interested.

Now if he is, it does not always mean he is very interested.

Sometimes a co-worker would like someone physically but would never make any move because they are already taken or they are not interested enough as they are seeing other people.

This is why these signs should be looked at combined with each other. Not separately.

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3. No big smiles

A smile is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes.

From experience, a guy who would take the risk of smiling at you is definitely interested.

That is because eye contact is not so obvious to other people and can always be considered unintentional.

But a big smile is an intentional physical act.

Nobody smiles instinctively.

This means that if he hasn’t yet smiled at you combined with eye contact, he is probably not interested.

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4. No physical contact

Last but not least, if you had a chance to meet this guy maybe in an after-work drink or a work-related event and he has not attempted to make physical contact with you, he is probably not interested.

I had my fair share of work events and after-work drinks and I can tell you that this is where all the magic happens.

So a guy who is interested would not miss his chance to approach you and make physical contact when everybody is related and not paying too much attention.



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