What is a high value man, from a woman’s perspective?

Is it any different than what other men think a high value man is?

There are certainly big overlaps, but some noticeable differences that I am going to highlight in this post.

First of all, I want to first say something important about the concept of value.

As human beings, we are all born with value, which we will call our intrinsic value.

However, as we are social animals, we live in a hierarchical system (whether we like it or not),

which means that in addition to our intrinsic value, we have an acquired value that determines where we are in the hierarchy ( the closest description of this system that I found is the dominance hierarchy structure, which I came across thanks to Dr. Jordan Peterson).

This is why our value (mostly acquired) is intimately related to how we compare to others in society.

There are evolutionary reasons why is that which I am not going to get into in this post ( because it is not the purpose of it).

The important thing is to know that this works for us women because it pushes men to reach out to their best self and level up and that’s good for them, for us, and for humanity as a whole.

So what is a high value man? and what makes a man at the top of the pecking order in today’s society?

Some misconceptions out there that a high value man is simply a man who has access to unlimited resources ( wealthy man),

but it might surprise you that value goes far beyond the size of a man’s bank account ( which might be inherited by the way…not a great sign of high value).

In this post, I listed 8 high value men qualities that I believe will help you identify the real from the fake high value men.


1. Does not live in a chaos

A high value man has his life in order for the most part.

Of course, his life does not have to be perfect, but it cannot be chaotic for that matter.

Here are some important signs of a man who has his life in order:

he has a stable job or works on a serious and stable project ( the case of entrepreneurs).

He has his own place ( rented or owned) and does not rely on somebody else for his basic needs.

He does not have serious issues with his employer, or work colleagues, or his family. ( many conflicts in a man’s life are a serious red flag for low value).

He does not owe big money around and is not behind on his bills ( I am not talking about students loans when he has been studying to become a doctor for example, but I am talking about someone who lives above his means and has bad spending habits).

He does not have addiction problems, gambling issues…etc.

He is completely over his ex and does not have weird relationships with other women in his life.

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2. Is financially secure

Some might argue that a high value man makes at least six figures.

but I won’t give you a number in this post because I consider that to be a personal preference.

For my part, a young man in his 30’s should have either a job and building a career or building his own business ( or both sometimes, which is quite admirable and a value high value sign).

He should be able to show stability and consistency, meaning that he has been making this level of income for a stable 3 years, and he is also able to get a similar job with a similar level of income quite easily.

This is particularly important because sometimes you meet men who just got lucky in one job,

but that particular job has hardly any transferable skills ( for example a product specialist for a software company…most of his added value is in a good knowledge of that particular software…If he happens to lose the job for whatever reason, he may not be able to find another job that values all of his skills)


3. Has a vision of where he wants to be in life

The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it. Kalpana Chawla

I cannot stress enough how having a vision is important for a man.

And Those without vision are the ones who work for those with a vision – The high value men.

A high value man does not have to have it all figured out when you meet him,

but he needs to have a vision and a crystal clear image of what he wants to achieve.

In fact, even if a man enjoys all the other qualities listen in this post, without a vision he will be a low value man in my eyes,

The 1% of this world ( excluding trust fund kids) are those who can clearly visualize their destination and can put together an action plan towards their goals.

4. Is looking to commit to a woman whom he can partner with in order to achieve that vision (You)

A man who thinks he can make it on his own and does not need to commit to a woman to enjoy life ( the MGTOWs and red pills of this world, and also the players) are not high value men in my opinion, despite having all the other traits of high value men.

Many of these men would use their other high value traits to deceive women into believing they have a chance with them and get what they want from them.

These women think they found the perfect guy and will indeed give it all ( except that guy has no intention to build anything serious with them).

I think there is a lot of vertu in truly committing to one woman.

A great example of that is Entrepreneur and millionaire Alex Hormozi, who says himself he would not have made it without his wife Layla.

And I think a real high value man is someone who reaches that level of understanding of life, he knows we all have one life and it’s not worth living if not shared with that special one.

Most low value men who don’t want to commit either regret it later in life or end up meeting someone who makes them want to commit to them for the rest of their lives.

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5. Has high self-esteem

That goes without saying but I thought I was worth mentioning,

A high value man is a man who has high and healthy self-esteem ( not to be confused with arrogant, or pretentious, delusional or narcissist).

A high value man values himself, meaning he thinks of himself as a man, and a high value one.

He does not give away his time or energy for free. He does not trust easily, he does not open up too quicklyly, he does not fall in love too quickly neither ( another red flag to watch out for).

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6. He is respected by his peers

A High value man is usually surrounded by other high value men and he is respected and recognized for his qualities among these men.

In other words, for a man to be of high value, he must impress his peers and other men in the wider society by his work, his achievements, his competence, his ethics, and his morals.

There is a reason why secret societies, elite groups, private club’s and circles exit, so that these men can meet and recognize their peers.

Being part of an elite group means that man has been validated and accepted as a peer and that other people should reserve the same treatment and have the same level of trust in his regard as they would to the whole group.

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7. Has a growth mindset

A high value man is not a settler ( except when it comes to his wife and family life).

He is always looking for ways to improve himself and does not seem to be static and just happy settling with what he has.

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