When I got my first paid check, I had a choice between buying designer bags or saving it for a rainy day.

I was living an independent life in Paris at that time and I could not rely on anyone else but me to support myself.

So I decided to save it for a rainy day, which was my first mistake with money.

In the following months, I was investing more into my savings account than I was spending money on me.

Fast forward to today, without going into too many details, I’ve come to realize that I would be in a different place if only I would have spent all the money saved into myself, meaning I would be making more money and I would be living a more leveled up life.

The same logic applies to my time and my energy, I recall countless parties and social gatherings where I mostly felt like I was wasting my time and energy in meaningless conversations and doing things that did not benefit me nor did they add to my life in any way.

But please don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that you should only look to do things that will benefit you and be around people that you can gain something from.

But what I am saying is that if you spend all of your time, energy, money and effort unconsciously and with little intention, you will wake up one day and find yourself on the same spot or even regressing.

Today things have changed for me but it only happened when I made the decision to do the opposite of what I was doing before.

  • No more savings all my money but rather invest most of my money leveling up and living the life that I think I deserve.
  • Becoming selective of activities that I deem worth my time and energy.
  • No more entertaining people in my life who do not show a mutual investment in me.

The idea is this:

The more you invest your resources ( time money energy) in yourself to level up different areas of your life, the more opportunity you get and more doors open to you to have even more money, more time, energy and to have a better quality of life.

That being said, here are 12 ways you can invest in yourself ( and I urge you to do) as a high value woman ( or aspiring one).


1. Take care of your health

Your health is the most precious thing you have.

I remember when I was going through my awful divorce that felt like the end of the world, one of my friends who was having health issues that could not be fixed even with all the money in the world told me “when you have a health problem, all the other problems become less important”.

My friend shared this valuable insight on the relative importance of other things when your health is compromised, and I cannot thank him enough for that.

A few months later, I was diagnosed with a couple of health issues that I think were related to incredible levels of stress from work and my divorce and it made me realize even more that working very hard at the expense of your health is not worth it.

2. Invest in Therapy

Everyone is suffering from a form of mental issue. It’s just that society has taught, or should I say has pressurized us to do it in silence.

Lately, people are more open to talking about mental health but it has not always been the case and I believe there is still a long way to go before we can reach a decent level of acceptance of mental health as a serious issue in our society.

So it is your responsibility, my dear to acknowledge any suffering you may have been burring somewhere in the depth of your unconscious and go to therapy.

Therapy will provide you with the space and professional guidance to work on your issues so that you can grow and move forward.

One of the truths that no one dares to say is that what separates high value people from the rest is emotional stability and emotional control.


3. Invest In a personal shopper or style consultant

Fashion blogs and YouTube channels may be enough to get you started but if you want to level up your style and presentation quickly and easily, you go use the help of a professional style consultant.

And if you don’t know what these people do, their job is to help you improve your overall image and presentation.

They provide a full assessment of your characteristics from your body type, skin tone and undertones, your season and will help you determine which colors, fabrics, and styles suit you best.

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4. Buy timeless fashions pieces

Buying timeless fashion pieces is an investment that can last a lifestyle, things like classic designers bags, designer coats, trousers, accessories such as watches, and classic jewelry, that you can combine with high street fashion and instantly elevate your look.

Here are a few examples of what I would invest in:

  • Chanel bag
  • MaxMara coat
  • Cartier watch

5. Maintain your appearance

Your appearance includes everything related to your beauty, your fashion, and grooming.

A more in-depth post on how to look more polished and put together.


6. Invest in a coach or a course

If you are currently dating or in a relationship and you want to step up your dating and relationship game and learn how to become a high value woman that men adore, you should consider investing in a love coach.

Trust me, the investment is well worth it when you realize that it could save you from so much heartbreak and wasted time, money and energy dealing with the wrong men in your life.

A more affordable alternative is to get self help programs and courses that are sometimes as good as having a personal coach in that they will still teach you everything you need to know, the only thing is they will not hold you accountable as a coach would.

One self help course is particularly good if you want to understand the complex dynamics of romantic relationships and learn how to transform yourself in order to become high value in the eyes of a man.

This course will take you deep into a man’s mind and psychology and will demystify what men really want and need in a woman.

You will be better equipped after the program to create the loving and secure relationship of your dreams. Check it out here.


7. Learn a new skill

All leveled-up women I came across were resourceful women who had interesting skills.

Some spoke many languages, some knew how to cook chef-like food. Some were painting in their spare time.

The common theme is that they all nurtured their mind by learning something useful and enriching and they all came across as intelligent and accomplished women.

If you don’t know where to start and what you can learn, you can start with Skillshare.

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8. Keep acquiring general knowledge

If your ambition is to enter the high society and meet a high value man, you need to invest in your education and be able to have intellectual, thought-provoking conversations.

Back in the day, I loved reading books and Wikipedia articles and I managed to acquire so much general knowledge about different topics just because I loved it.

But then I realized that every now and then I would join a conversation and would be able to contribute interesting ideas and share my own opinions on different subjects, which earned me the respect of the people around me.

I was not even trying to enter a high society or anything like that but my evident knowledge base and my ability to be articulate certainly helped me be welcomed and easily fit in such circles.

My point here is not to brag about my knowledge or my language skills ( bear In mind English is not my first language nor my second) but just to tell you that these things do matter.

And if you are not a born reader, or if you simply don’t have much time to read, you can choose to listen instead.

I find it easier nowadays to listen to audiobooks either on Youtube or on Audible because I can do it while I work or do chores or other things.


9. Start a business

Not the sort of business that will take your health away and get you aged prematurely, but the sort of relaxed business that will help you level up your social life as well.

For example, Anna Bey from School Of Affluence said that one of the things that helped her level up was to start a blog.

She was taking herself to nice cafes in high-end hotels in London to blog and she was able to network through her blog with high society.

Blogging is one of the easiest businesses that you can start simply with a laptop and your imagination and with as little as $2.9/month for Webhosting with Bluehost ( which is all you need to start a blog).

It may not make you rich, but it can definitely help you finance your level-up lifestyle.

Same with becoming a freelancer to supplement your income by selling your services on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork.

And lastly, if you think you have a skill or knowledge that you can teach other people, you can create your own course and sell it on platforms such as Skillshare or Udemy.

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10. Get a high value hobby

If you are looking to learn something new, level up your looks, and meet a high value man, then starting a high value hobby is your highway.

Here are a few examples of high value hobbies where many high value men hang out.

  1. Horse riding
  2. Pottery
  3. Scuba diving or all water sports for that matter
  4. Clothing design
  5. Painting
  6. Boating/Yachting
  7. Formula 1 events


11. Create a self-care ritual

Having a self-care ritual is much more than just recurrently setting a time to do something.

It’s a statement that you value yourself and you take your wellbeing enough seriously to allocate a specific time to take care of yourself and give yourself the space to be with yourself and focus entirely on yourself.

Personally, my favorite self-care ritual is my weekly bath.

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12. Take yourself on expensive dates

Why wait to be with someone to go with on lavish dates when you can go by yourself and enjoy yourself?

It might be hard for you to see the point, but trust me when you take yourself on a date, be it a coffee date, or lunch or dinner, you enjoy it just as much if not more.

Besides, you can meet people who do the same who will also recognize your confidence that you don’t need to be around other people to do things.


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