I know the following statement is controversial and not in line with the mainstream but I believe being a too masculine woman is one of the major obstacles to have a blossoming and fulfilling love life.

Too many women have been conditioned by our modern society to operate from their masculine energy and an equally growing number of women coincidentally complain about their love life.

I don’t believe it is a coincidence.

They say they cannot find a good man and that they only attract low value men.

I was one of them believe me, and I was not aware that much of my misery was caused by my lack of control of their masculine energy.

Yes, it is harder to find love in our modern society but that is not necessarily all men’s fault.

We, women, have to acknowledge that we also play a role in our own failed love lives.

Being too masculine is one of the ways we enable our failed relationships.


because when we operate from masculine energy, we emasculate men who then have to turn into their feminine energy or walk away.

Low value men usually turn into their feminine energy ( they let the woman lead and so on) but high value men tend to walk away and leave.

It is not necessarily your fault that you exhibit masculine traits.

You may have been independent for too long.

You may be professionally successful and hold a powerful position in your organization.

You may be used to doing everything by yourself and counting exclusively on yourself.

The good news is that many of your dating and relationship issues can be fixed simply by learning how to undo these masculine ways that you have been accustomed to embracing.

That is not to say that all masculinity should be dismissed and deprogrammed.

A healthy level of masculinity is much needed to survive and thrive in this world outside of your relationship,

but if you want to be in a happy and fulfilling love life, you need to learn how to stitch it off when you are with your man and operate from your feminine energy.

Here are 8 masculine traits that most certainly sabotage women’s love life and that you need to change now.

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1. Make the first move

Often I hear some masculine women being very proud of being “not afraid” of making the first move as if it is some sort of proof of strength and confidence when it is merely evidence that they simply did not catch that man’s eyes.

The truth is that a woman who makes the first move does not have the confidence to wait for the men who are truly interested in her to approach her and feels compelled to take control of the situation and impose herself.

Contrary to what masculine women think, It may require some confidence to go talk to a man who did not approach us but it requires a lot more strength and confidence in oneself to stay composed and wait for men who truly want us.

Stop making first moves, because you would only have to make the first move with a man who isn’t really interested and you taking the lead will not change that fact.

2. Chase men

When a woman has no “problem” chasing a man who displays little interest in her, she does not realize that she is being “forced” to take on the masculine role by chasing him and she misses the bigger picture that this man does not want her.

All women like to be chased, so it is only out of desperation that these women find themselves chasing a guy.

If a man does not chase after a woman, he is simply not that into her, and the fact that she chases after him to make the relationship happen will not change that fact and will probably put him off with her overwhelming masculinity.

I wrote a full post on why women should never chase a man that you can check out here.

3. Buy men’s love

Nobody should attempt to buy someone’s love in the first place but because money comes from masculine energy.

The use of money to buy someone’s love comes off as very masculine and can be somewhat “accepted” coming from men but not really from women.

No masculine man would allow a woman to financially take care of him, to give him money, or to pay his bills.

Only low quality men would be comfortable with that and would specifically seek to date masculine women so that they can take advantage of them.

If accepting money from a woman tells a lot about the quality of a man, it says even more about the value of a woman.

A woman who is left with no other option but to use her money to gain someone’s love displays low value and desperation.

So stop investing your hard-earned money in a man hoping he will love you for it because it is not going to happen.


4. Try to impress men

For some reason, women believe nowadays that they need to impress men they are dating with their degrees, their career, and their achievements to make these men fall for them.

The truth is men who are truly interested in you don’t really care about you impressing them and are much more concerned about how to impress you.

A man who really wants you does not care as much as you might think about what you do for a living or how many degrees you have or how much money you have in your bank account unless he wants to take advantage of that.

You can even make these men uncomfortable by trying to impress them and you eventually turn them off.

Leave your work, your career all behind you when you are meeting a man and just learn how to relax and highlight your feminine qualities.

You might be interested in reading my post on how to be more charming, and here is a program that will help you become more feminine with a man

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5. Acting obnoxious

There are certain things that turn off any guy right away and being obnoxious is at the top of the list.

A woman who has a bad mouth, who is very loud, and who has poor behavior repels most men, especially high value men who have standards and are very picky when it comes to who they allow into their lives.


6. Being authoritative and controlling

No man likes a bossy girl who has a need for dictating her will to other people and making all decisions.

Nor do men like women who have a need for controlling everything around them including their men.

Men feel emasculated by these types of women and they simply cannot be real men around them.

That is why you would see only weak men tolerating this type of behavior and masculine men walking away from this type of relationship.

Smart women let men lead while insecure women need to control and dominate their men.

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7. Being aggressive

While men and women can equally be aggressive towards one another, it is not perceived the same way and does not have the same impact on romantic feelings for each partner.

A violent and physically hostile woman loses her attractiveness…the same does not go for men, unfortunately.

If you are a woman with aggressive tendencies, learn how to channel your aggression differently.


8. Being too opinionated

There is actually nothing wrong with being opinionated, but it comes off very masculine when you feel the need to debate every single thing with your man and most of the time end up disagreeing with him.

It does not contribute to creating a good relationship dynamic and could damage it over time.

Men are not big fans of constantly heated debates with their partners. In a relationship, men are looking for someone to feel in symbiosis with

…Even when it is only an illusion.

Keep your strong opinions to your friends and colleagues or family.

Your man is not your friend nor your shrink.



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